nathalie brooklynmn klein

Wallpainting for Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn New York 2016. Model: Nathalie Smits

michelle2 klein

New Painting for Eurosonic Festival. 13 x 10 meter, acrylics on canvas 2015 . Model: Michelle N’toumba


Wallpainting for designstudio Concept 7. 10 x 6 meter, acrylics 2015. Pictures by Peter Versluis

PARADIGM NYEcrop22212287415_1060230620655949_1183716464_o

New Painting for New Years Eve party, Technoclub Paradigm. 13 x 10 meter, acrylics on canvas 2015 . Model: Jojo Ndwanyi

Exhibition ‘SPRAY, 4 generations of graffiti’ at Wep gallery. With ‘Quik’ from USA and ‘Hope’ from Spain.

Artist in Residence project for construction company Van Wijnen. Gorredijk 2015

Wallpainting for Kingsdayparty Paradigm nightclub 15 x 6 meter 2015


Painting for restaurant ‘De Wolkenfabriek’ (Cloudfactory). 13 x 10 meter, acrylics on canvas 2015. Pictures by Peter Versluis

pand 48tumblr_n4yze6HCfk1rb76b0o2_1280

Club Pand 48. Acrylics on board 366 x 244 cm 2013

Patterns for Noorderzon festival.

Decor Club Mushka, dansperformance. Noorderzon festival 2014 (pictures by Pjotr Wiese).

4 Primairy school Kenya2

Wallpainting for Sakagwa Primary School, Kisii, West Kenya 2014


‘Rebecca’ Korte Nieuwstraat Groningen. Acrylics on panel, 6 x 2m. Commissioned by Nijestee 2012.


Wallpaintings in Belgrade with Tom Dijkstra. Boom / Club Podmornica 2013.

Wallpaintings in Berlin. Club Steinhaus / Club Bellevue 2012.

5 Bar Paradigm Nightclubdetail22IMG_9439kopie

Wallpainting Club Paradigm, Groningen The Netherlands 8 x 3,5 m 2012


11Schilderij Italie2

Estación de Manarola. Acrylics on canvas 200 x 120 cm 2011


Wallpainting Orkz bar, Groningen Netherlands.